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Prince Kanashii's Journal

I am 18 years old. Male. I am very enthusiastic, innocent, kind, shy, friendly, funny, mischievous, and flirtatious, but also sometimes harsh and easily saddened. I am bisexual and open and proud of it! I prefer boys a lot more than girls. I love Japanese culture. My favorite animes are One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Cat and more. I also enjoy Yaoi, my favorite Yaoi is Gravitation. My favorite video game is MOTHER 3. Friendship is my greatest treasure. My friends are more important to me than anything else the world has to offer. I will always be there for all of them and help them in their time of need. I want all of them to always be happy! Despite my touching concept of friendship, it has one big weakness. Becoming a voice actor at FUNimation is my biggest goal.
I am making a shonen manga/anime style novel called Inabikari about a simpleminded and weak lightning mage who craves for adventure and friends. One Piece and the MOTHER/EarthBound series are my influences for this novel. Only the first chapter has been made and I want a few more comments on it before continuing.

CREDIT GOES TO: lifeup for MOTHER 3 Mood Theme.